Traveling, painting, and eating are three of the great pleasures of life, and when combined, the joy is multiplied.  The excitement of eating a pizza in Firenze or reading a pastry menu in Vienna can be prolonged forever. The painter can even change water into wine, as I did in the scene from the Café Landtmann, or add volume to one’s hair, just for fun.

As suggested by the poet William Wordsworth, one can recollect moments in tranquility. One can then stretch out these moments while painting a scene. I might rush around on a trip, but I paint my memories slowly, all the more to enjoy them.

Many of my paintings are set in southern France and are based on trips that I took there in 2005, 2007, and 2011.  Clearly, the colorful buildings and lavender fields of that region appeal to the artist in me.  While in France, I also visited Paris and the chateau country near Tours, and some of the paintings are of scenes from those areas. Other paintings are based on trips to Italy: Lake Como and Tuscany in 2007, the Amalfi Coast and Capri in 2009, and Tuscany and the coast near Lerici in 2012.

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